Séminaire de l'INPHYNI: Antoine Venaille

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Publié le 8 novembre 2023 Mis à jour le 8 novembre 2023

le 21 novembre 2023

Café : 15h
Séminaire: 15h15
Institut de Physique de Nice

Waves topology in geophysical flows

Seminars of the Institut de Physique de Nice,


In recent decades, concepts from topology have revolutionalised our comprehension of wave physics. It offers new insights into the robustness of unidirectional trapped waves at boundaries that separate materials with distinct topological properties. Initially developed within the realm of condensed matter physics, these ideas have since permeated all branches of physics, including geophysical fluid dynamics. Using equatorial waves as an illustrative example, we will explain how to compute  these topological invariants in continuous media and propose a concrete ray-tracing interpretation of the abstract bulk-edge correspondence.