Séminaire de Jean-Marc Fournier: Construction of colors by organized matter

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Publié le 25 février 2022 Mis à jour le 16 janvier 2023

le 3 juin 2022

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JM Fournier
JM Fournier

Construction of colors by organized matter

Jean-Marc Fournier

Some vivid colors displayed in nature are generated by the interaction of light with fine geometrical structures. This process does not require any pigment to filter wavelengths in the illuminating spectrum.
Similarly, the Lippmann Interferential Photographic Process lies on black and white emulsions to make outstanding color pictures. Spaced silver layers collectively reflect narrow or wide band of wavelengths, duplicating closely the ones of the light used at the recording stage, then creating "physical colors".
A description of the mechanism involved will be supported by experimental analysis of Lippmann photographs.
The elegance of the science involved in Lippmann photography and its technological requirements will be addressed. Its powerful cultural impact remains an intriguing story. Such a picture will be displayed to assess the longevity of the process.