Séminaire Fluide: Virgile Thiévenaz (ESPCI, Paris)

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Publié le 27 octobre 2023 Mis à jour le 27 octobre 2023

le 12 décembre 2023

Institut de Physique de Nice
Conference room 1+2

Transition to non-newtonian dynamics in drops of polymer solution

Fluid seminars


Many natural or industrial flows involve the breakup of liquids into droplets, and many of these liquids contain polymers or suspended
grains. At low scales and high strain, the flow reveals the composition of the liquid, since the components may deform, organize, separate, etc,
and thereby change the rheology. We first study the pinch-off of drops of polymer solutions; we show that the transition between the well known
Newtonian and viscoelastic regimes follows a universal dynamic, linked to the coil-strech transition. Then, we add spherical particles (size
range 20-250µm) to the solution. Their presence increase the local strain rate felt by the polymer and so enhance the coil-stretch
transition. This experiment enables the measurement of the amplification of strain in the fluid phase of a granular suspension; we perform these
measurements for monodisperse and bidisperse suspensions.